Dungeons and Combat Wheelchairs

I have been neglecting my website as I have been super focused on my new job and schoolwork. Things happen that are so outrageous that it brings me out of my focus or stupor and feel like I need to say something about this combat wheelchair debate going on in the table-top roleplay game (TTRPG) community.

It comes down to this... if you cannot fathom why someone could make a wheelchair work in an RPG then the problem is that you are not flexing those imagination muscles in a game about imagination. I am going to throw a list of ideas on how this could work. First of all, not everything needs an explanation. There have been many MacGuffins in stories that never needed an explanation, they just did their thing.

So here is Damien's quick rundown of explanations for how a combat wheelchair would be brought into your campaign since some of you are getting really bent out of shape about it.

  1. The chair is a golem that transforms. (There you go, starting the list with a transformer)

  2. It's magic (Nothing else to add or say... it just is)

  3. It was provided from a devil and its pushed by invisible imps

  4. It is an artifact from a long-dead civilization.

  5. It is a mimic that has been domesticated

  6. The player was merged with the chair and it is fully a part of them.

  7. It has a repulsor field. I mean seriously early Star Wars, did we get bent out of shape that badly about R2-D2's stair-climbing ability?

  8. It is of gnomish invention and has really neat gears.

  9. It is a construct of wood elven magic and it is basically a tree with legs.

  10. The player is a chosen one and was given it as a gift from their god / patron and just is.

  11. They built it themselves and imbued it with the spirits of their vanquished foes.

  12. It is self-aware and talks to the players (Yes I just Knight-Ridered it)

  13. Spelljammer technology

  14. Eberron technology

  15. It comes from a plane of existence in which these things just roam the fields of their native dimension in herds.

  16. It just is. It came from another time and dimension, no one knows where it came from. No one even remembers how it came to be.

  17. It was pulled from a stone and it made the wielder a king.

  18. A strange person came into town and they had it within the caravan of mysterious wares.

  19. Found in a dragon horde

  20. Seriously, why am I still writing these? Let the player tell you how it is... it just is. Make it work. You are the DM, come up with something.

The point is, the reason it exists is not important. If you really feel bent out of shape about it as a DM or fellow player, then just imagine a reason and just let it go. If you are also the type to say "What about healing them?", first don't be a jerk. Show kindness. Again if you need a reason, perhaps the person is born the way that they are and the healing spells only make them healthy, they are still the way they were when they were born.

Or... just come up with something.

You have no problems with dragons, mind flayers, shooting fireballs out of your fingers, but this is the thing you are hung up on? Perhaps you should take the advice of the wise old sages of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and "Then repeat to yourself 'It's just a show, I should really just relax.".

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